Beaver Creek Elementary School

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Beaver Creek Science Fair

 Beaver Creek Science Winners
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 More Science Winners
Beaver Creek Elementary School Science Fair 
February 7, 2017 
First Grade: 
Everett Lawhorn “Which Bridge is the Strongest?”- 3rd place  
Julianna Groff “Does Temperature Effect Magnets?”- 2nd place 
Kendyl Costello “Floating Letters” -1st place 
Second Grade: 
Ava Lewis “Rainbow Flowers”- 3rd place 
Kade Sandora “What Liquids Help Seeds Grow?”- 2nd place 
Tanvi Chigurupati “Sink or Float? Soda Surprise”- 1st place 
Zoe Hauer & Joely Kohser “Growing Cat Grass in Different Mediums”- 1st place 
Kaylee Costello “Traveling Water Experiment”- 3rd place 
Fourth Grade: 
Sarah Geyer “Fighting the Flu: How Your Immune System Uses its Memory?” 
* Raymond Ferretti “Aviation Creation”
* Alexander Madanat “How Can We Inflate a Balloon Without Blowing Air in it?” - 2nd place-
* Emma Lewis “Plant Survival”- 1st place
* Isa Kohser “Solar Heat Energy”- 2nd place
* Marcos & Mateo Cerda “What is the Best Material to Melt Ice?”- 2nd place
Fifth Grade
* Saanvi Chigurupati “Green with Envy? Word Color Association”- 2nd place
* Alyssa Sterner “Solar Powered Water Desalinator”- 1st place
* Hannah Gayo “Fraction Reaction”- 3rd place
Rand Madanat “Forming of Crystals”
* Ella Groff “Cleaning up Oil Spills with Magnets: Is it possible?”- 3rd place
* Jack McGovern “Mummified Food”- 2nd place
Kylee Sandora “Candy Chromatography”
 *Competing at the Chester County Science Research Competition