Beaver Creek Elementary School

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5th Grade Jumanji Performance

The 5th grade class at Beaver Creek presented a performance of the story Jumanji, by Chris Van Allsburg.  In music with Mrs. Scrafano, each class was assigned a part of the story and was in charge of learning and creating music to make the story come to life using xylophones, metallophones, tubano drums and various percussion instruments.  Many of the pieces that Mrs. Scrafano chose, the students added other percussion parts or movement. One song even used pots and pans and wooden spoons! Music was also composed from scratch by each 5th grade class and they also chose sound effects to make the monsoon and volcano come to life.  While learning and creating this music in class they were able to review known rhythms, as well as learn the new concepts in the 5th grade curriculum.  We talked about form, dynamics, tempo, and how the timbre of different instruments can change the mood and sound of a piece of music.  The show also featured 18 narrators, 7 acting characters, and ended with a whole 5th grade performance of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.