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Student Parking Permits

 2016-2017 Student Parking Information

NOTE:  We will be temporarily suspending the sale of parking permits.  At this time there is not a waiting list.  If and when we are able to sell additional permits it will be posted on the website and the morning announcements.

Eligible seniors must have completed and presented their Graduation Project.  Seniors may place permits on hold while waiting to present their graduation project provided they have a date scheduled to present.  (Download the Senior Parking Application here.)


Eligible junior must have proposed their Graduation Project.  (Download the Junior Parking Application here.)  

Below are a few key items to remember when purchasing a parking permit:              

1.     The cost for a parking permit will remain the same as last year, $50.  Permits must be paid for at the time of registration.  Checks should be made payable to DWHS.

2.      Students must apply in person.  The student using the permit must be the person registering for the parking permit.  

3.      Eligible students must have cleared all outstanding obligations and be able to present the following information:

·valid driver’s license

·valid insurance card

·valid car registration

4.      Please be advised that we have a limited number of spaces available for student parking, therefore permits may not be available later in the school year.

5.      Each student is limited to registering only one vehicle.  The permit must be displayed on the rear window, facing out.  You may not transfer your permit to another vehicle.  If a new vehicle is purchased during the year, the new vehicle must be registered and the old permit must be returned in order to receive a new permit. 

6.      Temporary parking passes are issued only to students who currently possess a parking permit and need to bring a different vehicle on campus.  This temporary pass can be obtained by seeing Mrs. Donovan in the Main Office. 

7.      Strict adherence to parking rules and regulations are necessary for the safety of every student.  Disregard of parking rules and regulations will result in a $25 parking ticket being issued.    Any outstanding tickets will become an obligation.  This year’s permit will enable students to park in any of the three student lots.  (Click here for a view of the map with designated student parking areas.)