West Bradford Elementary School

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WB is 50 Years Old

West Bradford is 50 years old

Girls in tied-dyed shirts   Staff dressed in 60' outfits
On Sunday, December 18, 1966 West Bradford Elementary School held a dedication and open house   Presiding over the ceremony was Superintendent Raymond R. Baugher.   Mr. Elmer F. Schrumpf, President of the School Board offered greetings on behalf of the board.  Principal John Rule "accepted" the building on behalf of the community.   Mr. Stanley Landis, Superintendent of the Chester County School System age the dedicatory address.   
In 1966 the new West Bradford Elementary had three first grades, four second grades, three third grades, three fourth grades, three fifth grades and two sixth grades.   The students in each grade participated in the Open House, combining the dedication with their first holiday presentation.   Students sang carols and several secular holiday songs.   The brass ensemble played two carols.    
To commemorate the 50th birthday celebration, today's staff and students attending West Bradford have been enjoying a "Blast to the Past", dressing in 60's outfits, tied-dying shirts and learning what life looked like back when the school opened.  Each grade level has chosen a decade to research and present to the school.  First grade kicked off by starting with the groovy 60’s in October!  They researched and made tie dye t-shirts as well as a display of decade appropriate music, toys, games, TV shows, movies and current events covers the hallway and was converted to a digital format.  It is like a walk through my childhood! Today is 60’s dress down day!
It has been a fun time stepping back 50 years to honor our fantastic school.