Pickering Valley Elementary School


4th and 5th Grade students can participate in the Pickering Valley Elementary School Chorus. Chorus meets before school once a cycle. Students will learn approximately five songs for each concert. There will be a Winter Concert and a Spring Concert. Chorus songs may include two-part songs, instruments, and movement. Students will work with Mrs. Kamph on proper singing technique and pitch matching.

There are many benefits to joining chorus! Here are a few:

-Choral music has rhythms AND words. Reading, counting, comprehension, foreign languages, expression – it has it all.

-Choral music has messages and meaning. Choral music provides a powerful means of cultural and historical expression.

-Choral singing is a collaborative endeavor – people sing together.

-Choral singing can be taught in ways that work for all kinds of learners.

-Choral singing is a life-long activity.

From National Association for Music Education