Beaver Creek Elementary School

BC Student Helping Homeless
   One of our students, Zoe Stone, has a heart for the homeless.  It has always caught her attention that they don't have the things she has.  She worries about where they sleep, how they take care of their bodily needs, and she even worries that they will have no one to celebrate their birthdays with.  When visiting the city she thinks of something they need.  So this winter Zoe and her family took some action.  They began to collect items for what they call our Homeless bags.  They discovered that one thing they don't have a lot of are socks.  After all who takes socks to Goodwill?  So they bought socks and t-shirts.  Then they began to add food with protein like bars, nuts, etc.  Zoe had to include at least 1 sweet in each bag so that they would have a "birthday treat".  Some bags got a deck of cards so that they could have something to do.  And yet other bags got a special picture colored specially from Zoe.  Some of the bags have Wawa gift cards.  Some of these bags have gone into the back of the family car along with blankets and bottles of water.  Recently, Zoe and her family went into the city.  After getting a couple blocks from the car, Zoe noticed a man in the cold with a very disheveled look and a sign asking for good.  She tugged on her mother's sleeve so she could whisper in her ear.  Then she asked, "Mom, can we go back and get one of our Homeless bags for him?"  She wanted to walk all the way back to the car and back here again so we trekked all the way back and got the bag. 
   On the way back to the man's corner they discussed how to approach him.  It was decided it would be best to ask the man if she could give him the bag. Also not to call it a homeless bag to his face because it might make him feel sad.  Zoe could hardly wait.  Who gets excited to help the homeless?  Well she does! She was polite and kind and quite frankly it made both her father and mother cry at the sweetness they exchanged. 
   Once across the street and walking again they risked looking back.  He was so happy and curious like he just got a Christmas gift looking through his bag.  It really felt good.  But it felt even better sharing it with Zoe.  What a kind soul she is!  Unfortunately with the cold and drizzle they did not run into others to give bags to.  They even carried one around for a while.  She was disappointed because she wanted to give more out.  They do plan to go down to West Chester and seek some more people out.  A stash is kept in their car so that if they run into anyone in need then they can share.  They have contacted Safe Harbor to see if they can visit and hand some more out.