Downingtown Area School District

Teacher/School Grant Applications

The Foundation Board has developed a classroom project/venture grant application. These grants will be given to innovative or imaginative programs, projects, services, and/or activities that emphasize new approaches to teaching, stimulate thought, and enrich and expand existing curriculum. The "Venture Grant" award can be earned by teachers, administrators and other school personnel. The foundation is pleased to be able to provide our staff with this program.
As of September 2016 over $99,000 has been awarded to teachers with innovative ideas to support learning in DASD.

Please fill out the word document below and email (or send via interoffice mail) your finished application to

Grant Applications

Year School Project Grant Amount
2010-11 DHS-West Hip Hop Club $100
2010-11 DHS-East & West Rose Bowl Parade $500
2011-12 DHS-West ebooks Summer Reading $200
2011-12 Springton Manor leveled books $1,500
2011-12 DHS-West Nook books $200
2011-12 DHS-East Underground greenhouse $2,000
2011-12 DHS-East Holocaust Symposium $250
2011-12 DHS-West Holocaust Symposium $250
2011-12 Shamona Creek ipads for Kdg - learning centers & remediation $5,400
2011-12 Pickering Valley ipads for ELL (English Language Learners) $2,400
2011-12 DHS-West & DMS Scrabble Challenge $100
2011-12 LMS ebooks for excellence digital subscription $450
2011-12 STEM Authoring & using digital textbooks in the classroom $1,100
2011-12 DMS differentiated instruction using ipads for special needs class $3,000
2011-12 DHS-West Apple TV projection system $800
2012-13 Brandywine Wallace Stability Balls for special education class $850
2012-13 DHS-East & West Finch Robots $1,800
2012-13 LMS Sifteo Cubes to develop programming skills $700
2012-13 STEM software for Advanced Analysis of Molecular Structures $600
2012-13 DHS-East Sponsor team in Rocket Club National Engineering Competition $1,000
2012-13 DHS-East Music tech lab equipment $5,600
2012-13 STEM ebooks to align with science curriculum $700
2012-13 LMS mentor program for "at risk" middle school athletes $1,840
2013-14 DHS-East DNA fingerprinting sumulation - gel electrophoresis $7,900
2013-14 Beaver Creek ipads to support writing skills & interest in reading; use QR codes $2,700